Spydercranes at Work

  • Mini crane 295 in tight quarters
    Pollyanna Brewery: Shows our crane working in tight quarters – pulling tank through the door.
  • Minicrane 295
    Polyanna Brewery: mini crane set up and ready to work
  • Pollyana Brewery – Lemont, IL
    Lemont, IL: our smallest mini crane places the huge beer brew tank for Pollyanna Brewery
  • Spydercrane at rest at Pollyanna Brewery
    Pollyana Brewery: mini crawler 295 tucked away after a mighty job
  • Mincrane assists Ukranian Church construction project
    Chicago: American Minicrane ready for work at the Ukrainian Church reconstruction.
  • Chicago Loop Link construction – bus terminal
    Chicago: Spydercrane at work in the city’s bus terminal project
  • Bus Terminal project
    The City of Chicago bus terminal, part of the Loop Link project, used our spydercranes
  • Spydercrane in city traffic
    American minicrane fits nicely in one lane of city traffic.
  • Crane outriggers can be set various ways
    Close photo of crane’s outriggers to show different ways they can be set.
  • Versatile minicrane set around circular drywall
    We can recommend the best crane for confined areas
  • Cranes for confined areas
    Hoisting material in a confined area.
  • Compact crane fits into a closet
    Brought up an 8′ x 8′ elevator. End of day storage is compact enough to fit in a closet. Charges on 110v.
  • Spydercranes safety
    That solid base provides stability
  • Spydercranes for college campus construction
    MalcomX College, Chicago: Unic URW295 on a construction project
  • URW 295 from American Minicrane
    Heavy lifting is our business.
  • Compact crane
    Spydercranes are great in close quarters
  • Indoor Arena Crane
    SpyderCrane working in an indoor arena
  • Assembling Machinery
    Spyder crane amidst assembling machinery
  • Compact Spyder Cranes
    Willowbrook, IL: This crane fits in a 8×8 foot elevator
  • Lift it high with a mighty spydercrane
    Chicago: Lifting marble no problem for the mighty Spydercrane URW295
  • Mini crane is the heavy lifter
    Mini crane is a heavy lifter.
  • Spydercrane for residential project
    Since our cranes are so small they can be useful for residential projects.
  • Small crane for tight spots
    Try this with a conventional crane!
  • Spydercranes the best for any job
    Unic URW295 from American Minicrane
  • Minicrawler 295 from American Minicrane
  • Powerful small crane for tricky spaces
    Crane working the canal
  • Spydercrane assisting construction workers
    Spydercrane mini crawlers are maneuverable and stable in tight spaces and are available to rent or buy in the Midwest and Canada.
  • Spydercrane with manbasket next to brick wall of Chicago building
    Spydercranes can maneuver in narrow spaces and high places-available to buy or rent for midwest construction projects.
  • Spydercrane with manbasket
    Rent or buy Spydercranes, with one-hand remote operation, for building construction and landscape projects in the Chicago, IL area.
  • Spydercrane installing glass in building
    Distinctive red Spydercrane is powerful, quiet, and can reach high places with the extendable boom. Contact us for mini crawler cranes.
  • Spydercrane boom over the Chicago River
    American Minicrane has minicrawler spydercranes for small or large construction projects in the Midwest or Canada.
  • Narrow Spydercrane-legs folded
    Our minicrawler cranes are compact for easy transport and maneuverability. Contact us to rent or buy.
  • Spydercrane at construction site
    Spydercranes can maneuver easily in confined spaces. Rent or buy minicrawler cranes for midwest construction and landscaping projects